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“During my journey at Prep Doctors I have found top of the line service, exceptional staff that are willing to go above and beyond to help and assist me during the stressful time of preparing for my NDEB examination. I would like to thank the staff for contributing to my success especially Dr. Marwan Al Rayes.”
Dr. Zubair Chatha (2016)


“I have tried to study for the NDEB AFK examination on my own however the information was too broad and it was difficult to organize it on my own. One of my friends recommended Prep Doctors so I registered to try it out and it was the best decision I made. The AFK course was very structured, organized, and the instructors are friendly and willing to help you succeed. They guided me and helped me focus in my studies for the examination which contributed to my success in the AFK examination”
Dr. Love Bhagria (2016)


“I would like to thank Prep Doctors for guiding me through my NDEB AFK examination, overall the course was organized and covered the majority of the topics that I saw in the examination, the online Facebook group was very helpful and convenient to use. The instructors were knowledgeable and were always happy to help I would definitely recommend the AFK course to all my collogues”
Dr. Wiam Alsaidi (2016)


“Attending the AFK program offered by Prep doctors was the key to my success during my examination, the instructors are well versed in the topics that were given in the lectures.
The staff members are professional and are always willing to lend a hand and mentor you especially during these stressful times, because of their experiences they understand what we are going through.”
Dr. Armend Kosumi (2016)


“I believe that Prep Doctors is the best NDEB training centre. Prep Doctors not only have made the toughest exam I ever had easy to me, but also they have given me the opportunity to get one of the highest scores which I have never expected to get… From the heart, thanks Prep Doctors for your help.”
Dr. Mohammad Al Kayalie (2016)


“Prep Doctors centre has a thorough understanding of current dental imperatives according to the NDEB Canadian standards and offers a wide array of educational courses with an eye on quality and academic integrity. The instrctors are highly qualified, the staff are efficient and friendly, I would like to recommend Prep Doctors to all internationally trained dentists”
Dr. Mays Al-Saffar (2016)


“Prep Doctors provided us a great educational experience where we as students are able to absorb a lot of useful information and adjust our mindset to the NDEB Canadian standards. They provide individual one-on-one attention after classes and online attention including a Facebook group that helps to resolve a lot of the concerns of students. The staff are very friendly and help in any way that they can whether it be procuring materials for your ACS to a friendly pep talk to help bolster your self-confidence, they will be with you from the beginning to end.”
Dr. Alexa Lam (2016)


“It’s difficult to put into words how much I have gained from the AFK preparation course…since it was my final attempt. Prep Doctors team put in their efforts to give us the most updated information, precise and in depth notes on all relevant topics, which is actually next to impossible for someone like me to go around and gather.I would be quite happy to guide any newcomer to Prep Doctors for their almost assured success in the NDEB AFK exam. Thank you”
Dr. Abbas Khambatta (2016)


“You were very professional from the first time I consulted you until the last report I have received from you.
I was very happy to deal with you.. and I will strongly recommend you to my friends. Thanks a lot for everything”
Dr. Maha Albetawi (2016)


“I am satisfied with your work.I think your system for appeal services is well organized. The payment method through Paypal is convenient also.
And Your feedback during writing the appeal letter is faster than I expect. I appreciate all your help.”
Dr. Tae Sook Chang (2016)


“Just a quick note to thank you a lot for the professionalism and excellent service on helping me to write my appeal letter. I really appreciate the quality of your work and your efficiency. Count on me for referrals.”
Dr. Marta da Cunha Lima (2016)


“I would like to thank the Appeal committee to taking their time in helping me with my appeal process.
Special thanks to Rayan who explained all the steps in details. He was always available and prompt to answer all the questions I had.”
Dr. Nawres Abdul Jabbar (2016)



“My gratitude has no limits not only to your help but above everything for making it all a pleasant experience, I always felt welcomed and most importantly I felt home away from home. Keep up the good work!”
Dr. Holta Kellezi (2015)


“I was struggling to get admission to a dental school since 2009, I tried almost all centres in Toronto but I was never happy until I encountered this great center with amazing people. This could not have been possible without Prep Doctors and their right guidance and positivity. Each day with the instructors; instilled more and more confidence in me. I recommend every student to join this amazing centre to achieve their goal and become a licensed dentist in North America.”
Dr. Inam Syed (2015)


“I want to thank you so much that I have passed the August AFK test and taking your amazing preparation course. All the lectures were really helpful and all the instructors were extremely nice and responsible.”
Dr. Yajiao Liu (2015)


“I am writing to pay my sincere thanks and gratitude to you for all your efforts and valuable time. I must say “You are a Gem!”.”
Dr. Nadia Inayat (2015)



“I have taken several courses at Prep Doctors, and I could not be any happier. After clearing AFK, ACJ and ACS within a year I am sure I made the right choice. I want to register here my gratitude to all Prep Doctors instructors and staff, especially Dr. Marwan and Maha. Thank you for easing my path towards accreditation.”
Dr. Jonas Stephani – passed AFK, ACS, ACJ (2014)


“I would like to thank you for all the help and support that your team provided to me, I cannot imagine succeeding this past year without your help. I’m so thrilled to be moving on to the next step and will for sure be registering with you for the OSCE training”
Dr. Ekaterina Khait– (Toronto, Ontario) – Passed both Clinical Skills and Judgement Exams (2014)


“Thank you so much for all the great help and valuable advice without it I couldn’t make it through . Your course helped me a lot in preparing for the interview and for the personality test exam. I appreciate all the time you spent with me.”
Dr. Dalia Hamad – (Toronto, Ontario) – Accepted into University of Toronto (2014)


“Thank you Dr. Marwan and whole Prepdr team for their support without which it could have been difficult.”
Dr. Kanwal Deol – Passed both Clinical Skills and Judgement Exams (2014)


“Good job,I really enjoyed your classes. Moreover,you changed my opinion about preparation of tooth for exams. I want to mention that a person should be naive if he thinks, he can pass the exams without your help. Thank you very much again and good luck.”
Dr. Farhad Goshtasby (Vancouver, BC) – Passed both Clinical Skills and Judgement Exams (2012)


“Training at a high level and so friendly atmosphere, were two success key we had in prep.Dr.
So many thanks to Dr.Marwan who is doing a great job at his classes.”
Dr. Iman Nazaran (Toronto, ON) – Passed both Clinical Skills and Judgement Exams (2012)


“I knew Prep Doctors Through friends I asked around before going there because I was a little bit skeptical about courses, had a bad experience in one of the courses that was offered in TORONTO due to organisation issues and material, so I lost trust that a private centre would actually provide me with what I need in this stage of the preparation for the clinical skills and judgement exam for the NDEB. After my experience, I had to meet with the staff of Prep Doctors just to make sure that I will not have this same experience again specially that I travel around 1000 KM to attend the course as I do not live in ONTARIO.
From the first meeting with Dr. Marwan all my worries went into ashes, I trusted him and I felt that he can guide my boat through the ocean of uncertainty, but still I was a little bit worried to travel all that way, still I did not experience any of their sessions yet, I did not want to be foolish  driven through first impressions but I took a chance and enlisted in the course for a couple of months.
From my first session I knew that I made the best choice, as we all have this uncertainty of what to do, how to work, what to accomplish for the exam, specially if it is the first time to apply for the NDEB examination, the staff of Prep Doctors and Dr. Marawan made it their goal to put in me confidence and certainty.
This course was not the first one that I took for the preparation of the clinical skills. I went to other courses as well. But through Prep Doctors I finally understood what I was doing and with the confidence and understanding of the staff they transfer to me.
They explained to me what is meant in the protocol and how it is done, though the timing was not enough for me to train and perfect what they were teaching me but going through the exam as an experience again made me realize how much Prep Doctors Staff was efficient and I knew exactly what I did wrong. Even when seeing my report Iwas not surprised.
Through the experience of the exam, I realize that I am in the right track and with a little bit more training I will finally make it.
Thank you Prep Doctors for your understanding and support. There is a lot of misleading ways in our profession but I can sincerely say that Prep Doctors Have the right way, tool and Staff to carry anyone from uncertainty to success just give it a little bit more time for practice and understanding as not always what you understand by your brain your hands can follow.”
Dr. Mireille Wassef (Montreal, QC) – (2012)


“I would be delighted to thank all members and staff of Prep Doctors whom made a friendly and active environment. Working with Dr. Marwan Al Rayes was a wonderful experience for me. I strongly recommend the programs offering by Prep Doctors.”
Dr. Fariborz Hassani (Toronto, ON) – Passed both Clinical Skills and Judgement Exams (2012)


“Guys at Prep Doctors made training easy and smooth. After everything was explained in detail passing exams was a matter of performing a few familiar steps. Great service! I am glad I found them.”
Dr. Andrew Yegorovykh (Toronto, ON) – Passed both Clinical Skills and Judgement Exams (2012)


“Great courses and Great instructors. Recommended. Don’t take any chances.”
Dr. Istabraq Jasim (Mississauga, ON) – Passed both Clinical Skills and Judgement Exams (2012)


“Learned new techniques and solved lots of questions. Knowledgeable instructors and friendly staff.”
Dr. Omar Nabeel (Mississauga, ON) – Passed Clinical Skills Exam (2012)


“I had a good experience with Prep Doctors and I found it to be very helpful. They have a very good Clinical Judgement course, and the material provided by Dr. Marwan was excellent, Recommended!”
Dr. Amanda Morel (Toronto, ON) – Passed both Clinical Skills and Judgement Exams (2011)


“Thank you so much for your exellent work on my interview training. I will certainly recommend your courses to other students!”
Dr. Natalie Krasnoguir (Toronto, ON)


“Whatever I say in regard to Dr. Marwan is not enough and will not give him his right, his Favor to me will be always a living memory, his SUPER KNOWLEDGE ,FAITHFULNESS ,PATIENCE,COOPERATION,GIVING PERSONALITY,SIMPLE PRACTICAL TECHNIQUES,ENCOURAGEMENT,MAKING A STRONG STRATEGY FOR PLA EXAM IN WESTERN ONTARIO THROUGH THE 2 MONTHS CLINICAL COURSE,A REMARKABLE INTERVIEW COURSE and most important a DEAR FRIEND , all these factors in his personality made him an extraordinary clinical instructor,In addition,the nice comfortable facility of training with unlimited time to access 24/7 and the friendly team work of Prep Doctors ,all these factors were crucial in achieving my success in Western Ontario this year 8/2011. I recommend all my colleagues who are preparing for the upcoming exams for NDEB or other dental schools to work with this team wishing all the success to them and to Prep Doctors centre.”
Dr. Firas Abdulmajeed (Toronto, ON) – Accepted into Western University qualifying dental program (2011)





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